3 Business Plans Every Entrepreneur Must Have

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Business concepts are similar universally, but execution and sustainability differ depending on one's environment and market. In short, one look at a business plan will tell you that some issues have yet to be thought out clearly. For example, competition, risk, challenges and so forth.If you need to build up a good business plan then you can consult Christopher J. Mahoney Framingham Attorney Law Firm.

Ahead of embarking on your enterprise, draft at least 3 business plans.


This kind of is the truest of them all. I refer it as the naked business plan that covers almost everything including risk and opportunity of failure. No business life lesson can be complete without a discussion on risks and risk management and no business can be started without embracing risk.


This is a plan that shows what team you're going to be working with and how you plan to get to earn a living for investors. Show a well laid out plan that includes short and permanent financial gains.The assurance, coupled with experience, shown in this document will determine whether you get the initial investment you seek.


This kind of is the plan that you started out with – the ''sitting research'' through which you arrived out with pros and cons of the opportunity. The plan that has been developed from different Internet searches to raised understand what you will be dealing with.

This is the longest business plan. Without this plan, it is difficulty to cover everything that needs to be protected in your proposed endeavor.

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